Breaking the Silence 2018

The ATA unveiled an amazing new resource for SGM (Sexual and Gender Minority) Teachers–how to support them etc. The link is followed up after the image. It’s definitely worth a read through! Enjoy! Click to access PD-80-40%202018%2004-web.pdf

Need some PD for your Staff?

If your staff is in need of some DEHR training this is a fantastic sheet that gives out all the amazing PD! PS We are using one for our Faith and Wellness Day later in February!   It only costs $100 and are always needed!  

LGBTQS Terminology

I received a great question in regards to what does this mean! In regards to our gender and sexuality minority students and staff we need to be able to better understand these terms. In regards to our trans, non-binary, or gender-queer students this will be very helpful! Just a reminder if you have a trouble […]