How to smudge…and can I in a Catholic School?

NO one should be ignorant of what smudging is, and least of all as Catholic Teacher should we also be ignorant to the amazing ceremony smudging is.


First of, smudging is the ceremonial burning of the sacred plants (sage, sweet-grass, and tobacco) to cleanse the mind, body, spirit and place of negativity. Second of all, YES we as Catholics can and should smudge–now there is debate out there on WHO can perform a smudge–and this is something you need to ask your indigenous school lead about–I have heard both that an Elder must be the one to perform, or that if you have been trained and smudged you can be the one to Smudge.

Regardless of whether you bring someone in, or perform one–it is VITAL to teach the respect of this sacred activity.



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