Poverty, history? Perhaps a reluctant reality

We have seen thanksgiving come and go, and we are not quite yet into the Christmas season, and yet poverty is rarely made aware to us in our day-to-day lives aside from those times.





Above it a PowerPoint specifically detailing the poverty in Canada, something that is truly eye-opening.

Despite living in bedroom communities, often surrounded by those who have abundance, even we as teachers sometimes forget that poverty doesn’t have a single season. Poverty is everywhere…and moreover it can unfortunately be invisible. This doesn’t mean that people aren’t starving, or barely making ends meet. It is quite the opposite, more often than not, they are starving, they are having major issues getting ends to meet–BUT they try to make it look like they aren’t. Why would they try to make it seem like it’s not a thing? Embarrassment, denial? it is often many reason much of which we will not fully know.

I didn’t mean to necessarily guilt you dear reader, but rather inform you–there are people struggling, they are not invisible.

What can you or your class do? Simple–this doesn’t even need to be made as another initiative, or something that you feel like you need to do. In some classes people have an on-going donation through the semester, or year.



Some high schools, as per above have started to have a pantry, or as per below–some schools have made public washing machines available



Another thing that truly is the most humbling experience is taking food bank items to families…it never ceases to amaze me just how much there is in need out there and will help yourself and your students perhaps understand not only empathy but why donations are always needed.


Need some help getting started? Look below for a basic starter list =)



Oh, and as a district/school perhaps this?








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