Gender-bread Person

As a Catholic district as well as our professional obligations–we are entrusted with teaching love, and respect. Some of our students may and will identify on the gender spectrum. It is vital that above all we love them with all our hearts and respect them regardless of what your personal views may be.

If you have students that are trans, it is really important that you know some basic information when navigating this time with them. Now, it is important to note that every student that self identifies as non-binary–and every journey is different. Have a discussion with the student. Ask their gendered pronouns, and most importantly their name. Names have a great deal of importance as do pronouns. If a students beings transitioning throughout the year, it is again important to know that you may make mistakes and you should know that it’s okay–and if you need to ask questions to feel more comfortable then do so!

Below is an infographic that helps people understand terminology surrounding gender. It’s also important to note that they are always evolving.




It may also help you for those who are non-gender binary–to know some of the gendered pronouns (I.E They is acceptable as the singular)




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