Looking at Equity


Equity is one of those topics that some educators and general public still seem to be messing up–not a bad thing but it is important to learn and know that there is a BIG difference.  I usually like to say that this is essentially the topic of same coin–different side.

At the most basic level Equality is about being treated the same. A popular analogy is that the idea surrounding the topic of Women’s Rights—being granted suffrage (the right to vote)–aka having the same rights as men.  Another way of looking at it is seeing glasses. If you have a class and one person cannot see the board so you give the ENTIRE class glasses–this is Equality

Inversely–the idea of Equity is the suggestion of fairness. Following the idea of the glasses analogy–Equity is when you give everyone who needs glasses the prescription they need to see the board or no glasses at all.

Make sense? Hopefully!

Enjoy this picture that sums everything up!


(P.S this makes a FANTASTIC classroom poster)





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